Implant Training Services

Personal PRF Training and Consultation

Start prf immediately and see results! If you're interested in learning A-PRF or I-PRF and cannot make a course date our qualified doctor can come to you. We provide hands-on training to individual doctors and can help you set up and complete a procedure so you are comfortable with the process and can see the results right immedieatly. We understand that learning a new process is not always easy and to have a personal consultant guide you through the first procedure can be essential to your success.

Personal a-prf i-prf training consultation will include:

  *Basic blood draw technique

  *Proper prf procedures

  * centrifuge operation

  * creating a membrane

  * placement of membrane

  * training assistance on how to properly suction

  * what to tell your patient and what to look for

If you are interested in a personal training consultation please contact Dr. maricondia today at 702-565-6000 or email:

We can come directly to you and help you successfully on your way to becoming and PRF experienced doctor.

Please email us or call us with any questions and dates interested.

Rates start at $2499.99 / day as well as transportation / accommodation costs.

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